February 1, 2021
Rubie is half the size of her nine siblings. She came to us about a week ago in our round up.She is at the Westlock Veterinary Centre for extra medical attention. She is struggling because she is so malnourished and full of parasites.Please keep her in your thoughts while she receives emergency care! 🚑 ❤️
February 3 update. Miss Rubie is fighting for her life still at Westlock Vet. She’s not out of the woods yet, but so far she’s doing better than she was 24 hours ago. 💕
February 4th update: Rubie has been receiving the best care and so many cuddles and snuggles. Staff at the Westlock Veterinary Centre are literally willing her to live. No one is 100% sure what is wrong. She is likely struggling due to malnutrition of her mom while she was pregnant, and continued malnutrition as the tiniest pup in the litter. She has stabilized enough to be taken off IV fluids. She is eble to eat and her digestive system is settling down to become more normal. We are cautiously optimistic at this time. She also got a bath today, well really a shower and she loved every second of it, not to mention the post bath snuggles.🚿🥰