June 1, 2023

Little senior dog breaks our hearts. 💔 Meet Kaynika, she came to us as a stray. We don’t know her history but here is what we do know:

She has never been groomed, or it’s been many years. She could barely walk, her matts were so tight. She had a hard time going to the bathroom because again the matts were so bad. A special thank you to Brenda at Waggles Pet Grooming & Kennels for taking the time to groom Kaynika.

Her teeth were rotten and falling out; we can’t imagine the pain this must be causing her.  She is currently booked in for a dental appointment.  She is also very thin, which is not surprising because it’s difficult to eat hard food with rotten teeth.

All this pain and discomfort and this little senior girl is still so sweet and forgiving of the neglect she has endured for a long time. ❤️