⚠️ WARNING graphic photos ⚠️
March 31/21 – Some days are just tougher than others, I know you all understand what I mean.
My name is Shelby and let me tell you a bit about myself. I had a home and in my community, animals are allowed to visit their friends and neighbors. It is part of our lifestyle and it is an okay thing to do, and us four legged friends don’t even have to wear masks or stay 6 feet apart!
Anyway, SCARS first met me as part of the Community Outreach Spay Neuter and Return (SNR) program. I received a health check, vaccines (lucky me), and was spayed (luckier me) and went back to my home. Everything had been going really well for me I had food, shelter, friends to play with, just living my best dog life. That was till the other day – that was definitely not a good day. It was complicated, I ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and was injured. I tried to get away but wasn’t fast enough and I have these nasty gashes (possibly from a knife) on my back (my SCARS friends said they would include pictures, look only if you aren’t bothered by graphic images).
I did get away and went home, where the authorities were contacted and an investigation is underway, so we can’t say anything more about that. My owner, clearly fearing for my safety, contacted SCARS SNR Program coordinator and asked for help. You know they said yes. One of the goals of the program is to provide support for animals and their families and we really needed support right then. I headed right away for treatment at the vet and they have cleaned me up and made a plan to help me heal. I am joining the SCARS family now as until things improve in my community it wouldn’t be safe for me to return. So now I am going to heal up and find a forever home to continue living my best dog life. ❤️ 🐕
I am not quite ready for adoption but watch our website. I get to say that now watch, “Our Website” because I am a SCARS family member now, too!
💟 If you wish to donate directly to Shelby’s medical care, please reference her name in the comment section when you donate.
May 9 update…Shelby Update
❤️It’s been over a month since Shelby came into care after being allegedly attacked by a Machete.She is healing slowly. She still has to wear a cone but she’s a real trooper about it. It does not slow her down! She is not yet available for adoption but will be soon. Keep an eye out for her!!❤️