**Warning ….Graphic Images Ahead**

August 18/21 – Meet Shiloh. This little four-week-old pup is coming in to Westlock Veterinary Center today for emergency care. Something was tied or caught around her leg and left unattended for too long. We will be sure to update soon! Keep her in your thoughts. To donate directly to Shiloh – please consider donating on this post or online at www.scarscare.ca/donate
August 18… Shiloh UPDATE. It’s been decided that her leg will require amputation. Please keep her in your thoughts.
πŸ’“Thankful for all the donations, kind words and comments. πŸ’“
August 20th Shiloh update. πŸ’• 🐢 Well, they couldn’t save my leg. Too much damage. It just wasn’t to be. Everyone felt pretty sad for me. I didn’t feel sad for me. I woke up from surgery and was pretty much ready to roll. By the day after surgery I was basically full steam ahead. I am cute as a button, feisty as a 4 week old puppy can be, and full of personality. Heading back to my foster home right away to let the surgery site heal and keep growing. I will let you know how it goes. Wags and happy barks – Shiloh 🐾