January 26, 2022… Timing is everything and today our intake team was in the right place at the right time for a dog in need. On the way to a meeting spot, our driver came across this poor dog seemingly stuck in the guard rail on the highway. You know there is no way they would not stop. It didn’t appear to have been there for any length of time. Our team cautiously approached and was horrified to find the poor animal with a wire tight around its neck, which had then been caught in the guard rail. Fortunately, our team carries bolt cutters and could free the animal from the guard rail. Unfortunately the wire, which does appear to be a snare, is too tight around the neck to be able to cut without sedating the dog. The dog’s breathing was okay and it were able to walk so they rushed it to straight to emergency veterinary care. Further updates to come when we know more.

January 30…. From caught in a snare, to the emergency vet & to a safe warm bed. ➡️➡️➡️ She is currently resting and recovering from her very busy past few days.
Thank you for all the support and love for her. She is not available for adoption at this time.