It’s never a slow day for the SCARS volunteers!! ❤️ 🐾
On March 12, we had:
✅ 10 spay, neuter, returns (SNR).
✅ 1 stray cat.
✅ 1 dog with a broken leg.
✅ 1 dog that had been hit by a car.
SCARS is committed to helping the communities we work with by providing spay/neuter/return and surrender programs. These help to ensure the health and safety of not only the animal population but also residents.
In order to be able to fulfill this commitment we rely on donations from supporters like you! To learn more about our SNR program visit:
If you wish to donate directly to this program to ensure we are able to make a difference in the lives of these precious animals visit:
*** Please reference ‘SNR program’ in the message to SCARS section – this will make sure your donation goes directly to this cause. ***
‼️ The animals we have shown are in the SNR program and will NOT be available for adoption. They will be returned to their owners once they have recovered from their surgeries.