Sept: SCARS was contacted by a partner vet about a lovely Husky female with an injury to her abdomen. With no idea what had happened or when the vet thought maybe a stick had stabbed into her, but the X-ray showed a bullet! She had been shot, bullet had to have been a ricochet as the entry point was the under side and the bullet was resting in her pelvis.

A 3 hour surgery ensued, where they removed intestine and uterus and sewed up the damage and tried to clean the infection. The vet team said it was just a horrible mess but Star was a trooper through it all.

Sept: But the next day she crashed, had to go back into surgery, more intestine was perforated. We didn’t think she would make it after the second surgery, and the out of control infection but she toughed it out through the night.

The next day she managed to eat a little, and stood when our volunteer went to visit and drank water. She was still a long way from a happy ending here, but there was hope, she had a tremendous will to live.

Sept 19: The good news was Star was feeling better, the very bad news is that her blood counts were not improving, so we were not getting ahead of the infection. She was on the strongest antibiotics available to her and getting unbelievable care, love and attention, but if the infection persisted her prognosis was not good. Cautiously optimistic….

Sept 21: We were happy to hear Star’s blood work showed she was finally gaining ground against the infection. White count down, red count up. We knew she was going to make it!

She was ready to move to a foster home soon to continue her recovery!

Today: Now just over a month later, Star is in a foster home and is available for adoption!

She is a fighter and enjoys life, your donations are what saved her and gave her this chance.

Please visit Star’s adoption profile to learn about how she is doing or apply to add her to your family.