** August 16/21 Surgery Updates **
We had 4 surgeries at Guardian this past week. The surgeries were around $4,000 each.
๐ŸพFaye – required FHO surgery, her Femoral Head was basically non-existent
* Not yet available for adoption *
๐ŸพGinny – She came in with a bite wound (from a dog we believe) on her back hip which caused issues in jumping and pain. (Rupture of the left cranial cruciate ligament and possible lateral collateral ligament damage)
* Not yet available for adoption *
๐ŸพHarvey – required Osteochondrosis Dessicans (OCD) due to a lesion in the left shoulder * Adopted to his forever family *
๐ŸพElsa – had a fracture on her left femur which required plates and screws. * Not yet available for adoption *
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