May 18… Poor Tails. 😢 🐈 He has been diagnosed with Feline Panleukopenia (FP), which is a highly contagious viral disease of cats caused by the feline parvovirus. Kittens are most severely affected by the virus. The FP virus is everywhere in the environment, virtually all kittens and cats are exposed to the virus at some point in their lives. While cats of any age may be infected with the feline parvovirus that causes FP, young kittens, sick cats, and unvaccinated cats are most susceptible. It is most commonly seen in cats 3-5 months of age; death from FP is more common at this age. With no one available for help, the SCARS family couldn’t let this one suffer. Tails is fighting his tail off at Guardian Vet as we speak. Cases like Tails highlight the importance of vaccinating your animals.
May 20… We have some heartbreaking news about Tails … 😢 🐈 He was at Guardian Emergency and then transferred to our team at Westlock Vet where they tried their best to keep alive.
Sadly, he passed away this morning at 11:30am. Please remember the importance of vaccinating your animals. Thanks for all the support.