May 6, 2022… Meet Terrastar! 🐈‍⬛ 🐾 What do you do when you’re a spicy feral and your entire family has already been trapped, tamed and moved to amazing homes by SCARS? You trade in your murder mittens for head butts and hope that your purrfect family is out there waiting for you. Terrastar decided within a few days that he really liked churu treats and scratches, although he’s still learning that people are friends and he still speaks the language of his wild roots (hisssssss), he absolutely loves getting hugs and kisses from his foster mom. He’s the ultimate snuggler and wants to be in your face smooshing you every second. He gets along with all the other cats in the home (even tho some are very rude!), he has no use for dogs (dogs have been nothing but trouble for him previously) and until he’s conquered his last few wildcat impulses should probably stay away from younger children. Once in a while he gives little love swats when he feels his petting sessions should be a bit longer. If you have no dogs or small children and think this dapper mini panther might be a good fit with your family please apply to adopt today: