My name is ” 8 Lives” for now ( maybe down to 7 or 6 lives by the time I’m done here) and I was saved by three brave young girls and their brother.

I nearly lost all of my lives to three dogs that were determined to “get me”. They chased me up a driveway and into the bush. I ran up a tree, but it was a young tree and the dogs were trying to grab me and the tree bent under their weight. I thought it was over. They had me and were mauling me.

I could hear three little girls screaming at the dogs. They were very afraid for me and they chased the dogs away. A burst of top speed got me to safety up a big tree. Once up there, no way was I coming down. No way! The three little girls called and held out their arms for me to jump. But uh un.
Then they ran off.

Back they came with their big brother who scaled the tree and brought me down. SCARS was called once the little girls had me safely in the house. Off to the vet I went.

Those dogs had very nearly killed me. There was a 3 inch tear in my abdominal muscle and my “insides” had oozed out though the tear, making a lump the size of a plum in my flank. I was badly bruised and traumatized. The great veterinary team have me fixed up now with solid suture work, IV fluids, antibiotics and best of all – pain control! With something like this, infection is a very real concern, so the clinic will keep me for an extra 36 hours to make sure I’m doing well.

Watch for me on the website. I’m a male about 10-12 months old with a purr like you’ve never heard before.