** Warning Graphic Image Ahead ** Meet Tigress. When you are an in heat female dog roaming free in a community things can get intense! There was so many male dogs fighting over me. They followed me non-stop for weeks! Sometimes, that also escalates to fighting. Sadly that happened to me… My foot got in the middle. It got mangled and it was left untreated. I was very sick when I arrived at the vet. I’m doing much better day after day later but it’s not known if I will lose my leg yet. Please consider a direct donation to a girl like me at www.scarscare.ca/donate! More updates to come.
Sept 5 update… Tigress here. Just thought I would give you a quick update. I have transferred to the team at Westlock Veterinary Center. Thanks to the amazing volunteer drivers who got me here. They call it the SCARS Doggy Railroad team you can volunteer and join them if you like. Then you can be a rescue hero, bringing dogs like me to safety. Anyway back to my update. The damage to my foot is extensive, and can not be saved. Surgery is tomorrow and I will have the leg amputated. The pain I have now is really awful (well it was awful before they gave me those really awesome pain meds), so an amputation in my case will be a very good thing. Wish me luck, Tigress 🐶 🐾
Sept. 12 update: Hey SCARS supporters, Tigress here with a little update. I am several days post surgery and I am feeling excellent.

I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be thankful my leg is gone, but I am. It was so damaged and painful and infected, I am way better off without it. I am able to move about easily, no problems at all. Okay, well one problem. I am not a fan of this cone. It makes me sad but they say I must wear it ’cause I otherwise lick at my stitches.
Anyway, looking forward to brighter days ahead. 💕 🐕