Hi everyone, I am Viola and I have quite a story to tell; get comfy, grab a beverage, and read my story. You may be wondering why I have such an unusual name; I am named after Viola Desmond, strong willed and determined Viola challenged racial segregation in the 1940’s. Like my namesake I refused to give up when I found myself in a dire situation. I was attacked by a dog or pack of dogs, I suffered bites and deep punctures wounds all over my body. I retreated to a store where I laid for a week; people passing by gave me food, many were concerned I would die there. A kind stranger took pity on me and brought me to their home. They left their contact information with the store, and soon SCARS was there to pick me up. My life changed from that moment on, I was whisked to a Vet where they treated my infected wounds, I am on the mend and feeling so much better! I’ve been blessed by the kindness of strangers, SCARS and a loving foster family!

Please learn about our Pay It Forward Campaign and donate to my medical expenses, or visit my profile to learn about me and apply to adopt!