May 3 Whiskey UPDATE!  My first week out of hospital was scary. I was so skinny you could feel all my bones below the fluff. I didn’t have a lot of energy. Lucky for me, my foster family kept the food coming and soon I was happily playing and being the silly puppy that I am. I’ve put on some weight, but you can still feel my ribs. Parvo was awful.
I’m slowly transitioning to regular food now. These days I enjoy working on my chews, napping in the sunshine, getting food out of various kongs, and chasing after all the squeaky toys. Thank you SCARS Followers for saving my life!!  **I’m not yet available for adoption at this time** We have been overwhelmed with the messages, emails and requests for adoption. We see all of your messages and can only suggest to keep an eye on the website! This handsome dude has generated over 100 requests!
Whiskey is getting better every day! He is finding more energy and gaining some weight. He loves to be beside the foster family. He is not desperately eating like he was at first. He is a big fan of the Kong treats! He’s hoping you all had an AMAZING Easter long weekend!!
April 2022… Another parvo puppy is now in our care.
Meet “Whiskey”.
😪This very contagious and deadly virus is making it difficult to keep up with vet bills.
😪He is a 6 month old that has been at the vet for almost a week now.
😪An average parvo puppy costs us between $700-$3000 depending on length of stay & treatment at the clinic.
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