April 11, 2021
Yet another late night emergency call. This time for a dog that had been spotted with quills but no one had been successful in catching him. This is Wilber and he really thought Mr. Porcupine was too interesting not to meet. Wilber was taken straight to Westlock Vet once we were able to catch him and is feeling much better now. Thank you to our amazing volunteer drivers who go out any time of day and night and those who spotted Wilber to let us know he needed our help! ❤️🐶
April 21 update on Wilber! ❤️
Do you remember me? SCARS received a late night call about a dog with quills that was eluding capture. I was scared and in a lot of pain, I had those quills for a while by then. I didn’t realize those people were trying to help me but I am so very glad they did! I have been quill free for over a week now and enjoying life in SCARS care. My foster family is making sure I get a lot of TLC so I can heal up and find my forever home.
April 30th update… ‼️No one said life was fair. ‼️
Wilber originally came into SCARS full of porcupine quills, malnourished and anemic. Though quills don’t appear to look so bad, they have been some of SCARS most expensive medical bills.
Wilbur has been to the vet 3 times now to remove quills that continue to cause him grief. Infection and abscesses on his face, swelling and pain. Wilber has been a trooper and spends most of his day resting. He is not yet available for adoption at this time
June 4 update…  It’s been a long road to recovery! I have been to the vet several times to have those darn quills taken out. When I first arrived I was in desperate need of medical attention. My face was so infected I could not eat and I was so malnourished. Today I am almost 100%, still have the odd quill that is making it’s way out but I’m feeling much better, gaining weight and just loving my foster family and enjoying life!