Winx and Binx were brought into care with an upper respiratory condition they have is really throwing them for a curve ball. They’ve been staying at Westlock Vet and have no immediate improvements. Please keep them in your thoughts.
Oct 23rd update on Binx & Winx.
💓 Winx: his eye is looking great, he’s eating amazing, pooping normal, he’s doing great!
💓 Binx: Shes been having issues with her stool. We did a urinalysis today and it looks normal. A few bacteria’s but not infection worthy. We took another X-ray and she has no poop but her colon is FULL of gas. She has Colitis and we put her on different medications, fortiflora, different food (GI kitten)!
Nov. 30 update… Over 5 weeks of spending time in & out of the vet… we are happy to announce that Winx & Binx are finally ready for their forever home as a bonded pair!!