T’was just days before Christmas and all through the land, good dogs were all doing the best that they can… Zeus’s story. 💕🎄 Things weren’t going my way. I had no home, no safe place to call my own. I was fighting the cold and struggling in the heavy snow. My life hadn’t been easy. I fend for myself, relying on my wits and instincts to see me through. Some days were better than others. Months ago, I had a very bad day. It was horrible actually. Someone shot me. I took the shot in my left front leg. The wound healed in most ways but my leg doesn’t work properly anymore. Everything is so hard, finding food and shelter, just surviving each day. I was losing hope and faith.
I heard from my dog friends that there was a lady in my community that would help dogs like me. She shares food and gives as much shelter as she can to those who need it. I found my way to her place and there for the first time I found hope.
T’was just days before Christmas and SCARS volunteers were out and about. Not quite a sleigh, but their trailer was full, driving dog houses and food to animals in need. Over icy roads, through blinding snow they drove their load to those in need. The coming cold snap would threaten lives, but the elves from Walls 4 Winter had been busy, to help them survive.
SCARS volunteers arrived at the kind lady’s home. With gratitude, she accepted some shelters and introduced the SCARS volunteers to me. She knew I needed far more help than she could offer. Calls were made, options considered, with foster homes full arrangements were difficult. But the magic of the season was out in full force. A pup was adopted just hours before, finding its special home. Where once all was full, there now was a spot. The answer was yes! My Christmas present came early.
A long trip through the snow and I arrived safely at my new foster home. The food dish was full. The shelter secure. The bed was soft and warm. I settled right in so very grateful to be in my temporary home. T’was just days before Christmas and a miracle had happened, SCARS volunteers make sure none of us are forgotten.
Dec. 30th Zeus update. Well it was a big day. Surgery day. It is one of those bitter sweet things. The bitter part is, it had to happen. My leg didn’t work and was painful. The sweet part is, surgery went really well and I don’t actually miss my leg. I am walking well and feeling strong. I guess I am living the dream. No pain, good food, good friends, warmth, care and love. I could not ask for more, actually. Hold that thought. I can ask for more, a home. A home of my own. A forever home that offers good food, good friends, warmth, care, and love. My SCARS friends say it will be my turn soon, they will let you all know when you can apply. Wags, Zeus.