River was the only survivor from her litter

June 24, 2024 Recently 3 newborn kittens were found wrapped in a blanket. They were rushed to the vet and placed in an experienced SCARS kitten foster home. We knew it was going to be difficult but we were up for the challenge. Sadly, only one kitten survived the...

Cindy was abandoned and has demodex

June 8, 2023 Cindy was left in someone’s yard. We are grateful it was a yard, however, animals are being neglected and abandoned at an alarming rate. Cindy’s medical condition is treatable; she has demodex and has received treatment.

Three puppies found in a box

June 7, 2023 A kind man found these thee pups without a mother and called around to get support and help. Bottle feeding three puppies around the clock requires a very dedicated foster home. We are thankful we have a foster for these tiny pups. ❤️

Princess was shot through her face

June 7, 2023 This is Princess. Within 30 seconds of meeting her we could see her sinus was collapsed and there was a rotting stench coming from her face. We got antibiotics from the vet for her and our team has been trying to gently clean it ever since. After a few...

Baby was hit by a boat trailer

June 6, 2023 Meet Baby, she was hit by a boat trailer. She suffered a broken pelvis and diaphragmatic hernia. Thankfully the pelvis will heal on it’s own, but she did require major surgery to repair her diaphragmatic hernia. If you can help by donating, it would be...