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Hi SCARS! I have quite the pupdate for you. It’s actually been 8 years since I was last with you. My original name was Venus. My furever family rescued me back in December 2011. I have been through it all with my family. I love the lake and I


Bailey (formerly Peach)

Good Afternoon, SCARS. We adopted Peach in mid-November 2019. She is just about four months old. We decided within days of her arrival that she would become “Bailey”. For Bailey, the first few weeks were likely very interesting and challenging: Learning to climb stairs in her new four

Bailey (formerly Peach)2020-01-09T19:47:24-07:00


Hi SCARS. I just want to thank you for everything you do daily! And wanted to give you a little update on our sweet little Alaska (we kept her name the same!) who we have had an entire year as of Dec. 29! She’s grown into the sweetest,


Murphy (formerly Rumble)

Hello SCARS! We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and to let you know about our beautiful dog who we adopted last spring. His name was Rumble, but we re-named him Murphy. He is a wonderful dog, such a sweet disposition. I have had many dogs

Murphy (formerly Rumble)2020-01-06T22:32:57-07:00

Duke (formerly Slider)

Hi SCARS! I just wanted to give you an update on Duke (formerly Slider) I adopted him in 2012 and he has been the most amazing dog I could have ever asked for. Such a gentle giant! He brings me so much happiness and I couldn’t imagine my

Duke (formerly Slider)2020-01-04T12:46:47-07:00

Cookie and Cream

Hi SCARS, We just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about Cookie and Cream. They are the most loving dogs. We love them and they love us. They have taken over our love seat. Cookie has to snuggle right up to us. She usually has

Cookie and Cream2020-01-02T08:35:17-07:00

Shelby (formerly Keesha)

Hi SCARS, I just want to send you an update on Keesha. She's has been the most amazing kitten. She is doing so good! I can't thank you enough! We did rename her to Shelby because of the black stripes on her back. She reminded us of a

Shelby (formerly Keesha)2020-01-01T10:51:39-07:00


Hi SCARS! Elmer is doing great. He is very protective and loves his farm life. He can’t wait to get to the barn to see everybody. He’s about 60 lbs. Don’t think he will get much bigger just fill out a little bit more. We had a party



Merry Christmas! We love Boss so much and can't imagine our life before he adopted us back in September 2018. Enjoy the Christmas collage we created for you. The Mekk family 🌲



I know it has been a while since you last heard from me. I had just recovered from surgery on my palate and was waiting to get my permanent teeth so I could have my dental assessment. Because of the malformation of my jaw there was concern that