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Max (Formerly Bullet)

Hi SCARS! We wanted to give you an update on Max (formerly Bullet). We celebrated his 1st birthday today and his 3 month anniversary of being with us. He is the perfect addition! He loves to cuddling and going for walks. He could entertain himself with his Kong for

Max (Formerly Bullet) 2018-05-08T16:58:49-06:00

The story of 8 Lives

My name is " 8 Lives" for now ( maybe down to 7 or 6 lives by the time I’m done here) and I was saved by three brave young girls and their brother. I nearly lost all of my lives to three dogs that were determined to “get

The story of 8 Lives 2018-05-13T17:13:08-06:00

A Tale of Two Puppies

Coincidence? Fate? Reincarnation? You decide. This is the tale of two different puppies, told by long time animal rescuer, Terra MacLean. This story has two start dates - one is April 16, 2018, but really it also begins in September 2009. In 2009 a gentleman was walking his dogs,

A Tale of Two Puppies 2018-05-08T16:47:13-06:00

Loki (formerly Trip)

Hi, SCARS! I adopted Legolas through SCARS five years ago, and there hasn’t been a dull moment since!  Last month we added Trip (now Loki) to the family. Lego is very excited to have someone to play with now, and he and Loki are having a lot of fun

Loki (formerly Trip) 2018-05-04T07:07:25-06:00


I've had a crazy week. I was picked up by some SCARS volunteers during a Spay Neuter Return pick up. You see, I was a stray that some nice people were feeding and trying to care for but I was not eating and refused to come inside so they

Evie 2018-05-06T10:44:09-06:00

Score was found at a dump

Hi my name is Score. Not because I’m chocolate brown like a Score bar but because I’ve finally scored a big win in a life that’s been really hard. My foster mom told me that half of the rescue people in Alberta were FaceBooking back and forth when I

Score was found at a dump 2018-05-04T06:59:05-06:00

Logan had chewing lice

Hi, I'm Logan and I'm itching to find my forever home. That's a good kind of itching.  The other kind of itching, like I had when I was rescued, was no fun at all. I looked so bad that people thought I had mange. The vet found I had

Logan had chewing lice 2018-04-29T07:59:42-06:00

Jade’s Story

Just look at my fat little babies!! They are a pretty amazing crew that almost didn’t happen! You see, I was hit by a car just days before they were born and by some absolute miracle they weren’t harmed. I can’t quite say the same about myself. Though nothing

Jade’s Story 2018-04-29T07:49:54-06:00