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Hi SCARS, We wanted to share our Thelma update with you for the Christmas season. Thank you SO much for finding her and taking care of her before she joined our family. We can't imagine our life without her. Thelma is an absolute joy to everyone she meets.


Java (formerly Maeve)

Hi SCARS, Our beloved Mocha passed away somewhat unexpectedly on July 13th of this year. While we became used to life without my quirky little girl, it became very apparent that our Jerry (who we adopted from SCARS June 2016) was missing the play time that was a

Java (formerly Maeve)2019-12-07T16:45:02-07:00

Fiona (formerly Cuddles)

Hi SCARS! I brought Cuddles (now Fiona) home with me on Halloween. She was shy for a couple of days but very quickly became the most snuggly, loving, chatty friend a guy could ask for! She's such a sweetheart and I'm so happy I found her.  She is

Fiona (formerly Cuddles)2019-12-02T18:25:02-07:00


Bit by big dog. That is what it says on my veterinary file. But let me tell you it was waaaaay more than a bite, more like mauled, tossed around and then bit again. I am an older guy and as my name, Tiny, suggests I am not


Gracie (formerly Daisy Doodle)

Hi all, this is Gracie (formerly known as Daisy Doodle) with an update on the last year and a half. I came to SCARS after being found in a rural area in pretty ruff shape and then having surgery on a diaphragmatic hernia at Guardian (thank you to

Gracie (formerly Daisy Doodle)2019-11-20T18:47:20-07:00

Dempster, Cobs and Westin

It was a battle, literally the fight for their lives. Less than 12 hours of arriving at SCARS, Weston tested positive for Parvo. One by one they got sick and needed intensive supportive care at the vet clinic. Dempster the second to become ill, was the worst off.

Dempster, Cobs and Westin2019-11-18T06:55:39-07:00


One dedicated rescuer, two days, two dogs, two different areas of the province - eerily similar symptoms.  Here is Blackie's story. Not 24 hours had gone by since Lizzie's diagnosis and passing and the phone rang again. A dog, this time a large male, previously healthy, only 4



Hi SCARS, We were told Walker was going to be a big boy, but what you didn’t say was that he was going to be a gentle giant. Thank you for giving us the chance to watch this amazing dog grow and meld with our family. He has