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Hello everyone, my name is Missy and I am new to SCARS. When the good people of SCARS found me, I was in pretty rough shape. Found living under a deck, I had a  considerable limp that made it very hard for me to get around. It was


24 Pet Rescue

We sent a small team of five to a northern community that needed help with stray and unwanted animals. It was a very long day with a lot of driving but we brought 24 animals into care! We are thankful for our volunteers who dropped everything to make

24 Pet Rescue2020-07-07T13:07:27-06:00


Hello SCARS, From the moment Tiger came into our lives we knew he would absolutely steal our hearts. He has provided us with much laughter and joy with all his shenanigans, adventures, and sweet demeanor. He is a very active kitty and very smart. We initiated clicker and


Gloria (formerly Margot)

Hi SCARS, I wanted to share some pictures from our rescue Gloria (formerly Margot). She was in the litter from Onion Lake adopted May 9. She is is the sweetest, calmest most content girl!  She is growing like crazy and has the most magnificent ears that are full

Gloria (formerly Margot)2020-07-05T15:35:02-06:00


Hi SCARS, Cookie came to into your care after being hit by a car. The Westlock Veterinary Center assessed him and determined that his leg could not be saved. Following the amputation surgery, this scared, shy dog went to a SCARS foster home where he received endless loving


Luna (formerly Venus)

Hi SCARS, We are all so in love with our Luna (formerly Venue), and she fits into our family so wonderfully. She has changed so much. She is now over 21 lbs and, except for coloring, we think she is looking so much like her mom Solar. Luna

Luna (formerly Venus)2020-07-01T12:54:04-06:00


Hi SCARS! For those who have followed Smarty's story, you would know she fell on some hard times and had to be rescued a second time. After one year, we thought we would update everyone to let you know she is doing wonderfully with our family. Here is


Cookie and Cream

Hi SCARS, I thought I would give an update on Cookie and Cream. We adopted them last November. They are very loving. They love all people. They are so attached to us now. They love to cuddle with us. If they are on our lap and we quit

Cookie and Cream2020-06-19T07:48:50-06:00