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Campbell Scientific (Canada) Corp. Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for SCARS

Thank you to Chelsea Sweetman and the social committee at Campbell Scientific (Canada) Corporation. They held a Valentine’s Day fundraiser that included a visit from some SCARS volunteers with some of our adorable Baker’s dozen puppies to encourage donations. They collected funds by selling individual flower stems, selling

Campbell Scientific (Canada) Corp. Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for SCARS2020-02-22T12:54:05-07:00

Vegas needed urgent help

*Emergency with Vegas* We got a call Feb. 21st, 2020 about this poor girl, covered in quills. She is now with our friends at Westlock Veterinary Center getting the treatment she deserves. Huge shout out to the rescue world who gave us the heads up & location of

Vegas needed urgent help2020-02-23T08:26:01-07:00

Jack (formerly Simba)

We all need a good news story! SCARS received an update on Jack (formerly Simba). He was adopted a year ago🎉! He came to SCARS from a rural pound, and he looked lonely and depressed. His foster mom brought him home where he settled in for the night.

Jack (formerly Simba)2020-02-18T18:37:39-07:00


Hi SCARS, I just wanted to write to you about our newly adopted cat, Mateo, who is a wonderful fit in our home. We are delighted to have him in our lives. Thank you for all you do and for giving us the chance to find such an


Gabby had been snared

Just when you think you are at the end. Just when you think you can't go on. Your Second Chance shines like a beacon of light. A thread (of hope). My life has been a constant fight for survival. Six years on this earth. I have had more

Gabby had been snared2020-02-02T16:00:19-07:00


Hi SCARS, Four years ago I went to meet my possible pet. Foreman was a nine-pound bundle of fur living with his five littermates. They all looked alike. Well now he is my "panini dog."  Short and long. His mom was a dachshund and the dad a golden


Phantom (formerly Shelly)

Hi SCARS! I just wanted to share with you that Shelly (now Phantom - due to her Phantom of the Opera mask) is doing very well. We are a whole day into her joining our family and everyone seems to be adjusting well! She has discovered her new

Phantom (formerly Shelly)2020-02-01T14:24:36-07:00


Jan 24/20....Meet Shady. ⚠️Warning Disturbing Images Ahead⚠️ We got a call about a dog who was injured from a northern Alberta community that we work within. He had run into some bad luck. He had a stick that impaled him. X-rays showed the stick to be two feet