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Willow and her 9 puppies

Having a good relationship with the residents in our partner communities saves lives. On February 20, a SCARS' community volunteer received a late evening call from a man saying that their dog was having puppies in her doghouse. It was -20! Her blanket and pillow were wet, there were

Willow and her 9 puppies 2018-03-03T10:48:00-07:00


Hi SCARS, Just thought I'd give you an update on Stitch. He has fit it quite well, loves cuddles and has made himself quite at home. When he gets excited, he wags his tail so fast his bum wiggles and he howls, ha-ha!, it's quite the sight. So he

Stitch 2018-03-14T19:15:41-06:00

Gypsy and her puppies

Gypsy came to SCARS from a home where she was taken care of and treated well. She showed up there as a stray a while ago. They fed her and she stayed in their house. As it happens, Gyspy became pregnant. When she gave birth, she chose to whelp

Gypsy and her puppies 2018-02-25T14:52:54-07:00

Bella’s Road Trip to Rescue 9 Pets

One of our dedicated volunteers, Bella Dumont, created a presentation about her recent trip to one of the communities we help. Bella has taken on a number of important roles with SCARS. She fosters pets, looks after cat supplies, helps monitor our phone line and picks up donations. She’s

Bella’s Road Trip to Rescue 9 Pets 2018-03-01T19:49:59-07:00


Hi SCARS. Just wanted to send a big thank you. We adopted our little girl, Ziggy, from you. She has been with our family for two years now. When we first got her she was so very frightened and timid she came from a horrible situation. We knew it

Ziggy 2018-02-24T16:29:14-07:00

Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Judy

The February 15 wine tasting event at Vines Wine Merchants raised $2,980! Thank you to Judy's foster mom, Julie Brown, for organizing this event to help cover Judy's veterinary expenses. So far in life, Judy has had more than her fair share of bad luck. When she came into

Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Judy 2018-02-24T14:54:47-07:00

Kayah’s Birthday Fundraiser

These parents have a reason to be proud! SCARS sends a huge THANKS to Kayah and her parents! Our daughter, Kayah Brown turned 7 on February 10, 2018. I follow SCARS and we came across Trapper's tragic story. Kayah was very touched by the 3-legged pup and asked if

Kayah’s Birthday Fundraiser 2018-02-24T12:23:38-07:00

Thank you to Christian Gersdorff

Every year Christian Gersdorff has a fundraiser in memory of Yoda, his Frenchie that died in a tragic car crash. Over the years, this fundraiser has added many thousands of dollars to SCARS operating budget. This year, Christian and his friends raised $2,000 to help SCARS animals. Please join

Thank you to Christian Gersdorff 2018-02-24T12:14:32-07:00