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August 2018 – An update on Diamond aka Cat she is about three and a half now she is doing great. She loves to play with her toys and can’t be more then a foot away if you are doing house work. —– 2016 – Hello SCARS, With all

Diamond 2018-08-26T13:06:03-06:00


It's been two years ago that I found my furever home. My mom saw me on the Global Edmonton News on Saturday morning and had to check me out! I was a keeper! I live on a farm and I have a big sister named Kona. At first we

Molly 2018-07-29T15:15:37-06:00

Puppies with canine parvovirus

SCARS needs donations! It's canine parvovirus season and everyone is seeing a lot of this deadly virus. Please help us cover the veterinary costs for the four parvo cases we received in the last two weeks – all from different locations. These pups are counting on our support. Please

Puppies with canine parvovirus 2018-06-17T14:06:11-06:00


I'm Fredrick. SCARS was contacted about me by the NWT SPCA in Yellowknife. Fortunately, SCARS had space and soon I was on my way to Edmonton. Thank you to WestJet for taking such great care of me and ensuring that I arrived safely! I am a happy guy that

Fredrick 2018-04-02T14:15:26-06:00

SCARS is looking for a volunteer Treasurer

The SCARS Board of Directors is looking for someone with accounting experience to fill the Treasurer position. If you are committed to the SCARS mandate, have board experience and/or extensive committee experience, are self-motivated, can work as a team member as well as independently, attend monthly meetings and be

SCARS is looking for a volunteer Treasurer 2018-03-19T19:42:13-06:00

Selma and Seville were the last two survivors of their litter

Selma and her brother Seville came into SCARS care because, unfortunately, their mother was being very aggressive with them. They are the only two that survived from a litter of seven. Selma had bite wounds on her head. With the loving care from our volunteers, Selma is recovering nicely

Selma and Seville were the last two survivors of their litter 2018-02-03T18:11:42-07:00

2017 Annual Wreath Fundraiser

SCARS is selling Christmas Wreaths as a fundraiser again this year. They are beautiful, fresh, live 18″ Balsam Fir wreaths that come pre-decorated. If your office/team/group/family would like to do an order of 20 or more wreaths to one location, we will deliver them. Deadline to order and pay

2017 Annual Wreath Fundraiser 2017-10-15T20:16:49-06:00