Rescue stories

Freddy (RIP)

On April 30, 2020, sanctuary cat, Freddy, passed. Here is the story from his foster family. He was 15 years old. Freddy came to SCARS in 2016 when his elderly owner was no longer able to care for him. Freddy was 11 years old when he came into

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Rio and babies

Rio here! We were saved from a northern Alberta community on May 3. We are just a few days old, and waiting to become big and strong. We will be sure to update our personalities and quirks as we get going but make sure to keep an eye

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Thank you so much for your support of SCARS! Here is Tipper. Tipper came into care with three other kittens, all roughly the same age. It’s hard for us to know if they’re siblings, but they certainly do get along and we wouldn't be surprised if they are



My world has been topsy turvy and spinning pretty fast for the last little while. It is all turning out for the better, but it has been a lot to take in. My name is now Tahya. I arrived in SCARS care very late at night about 10



I'm Cocoa. I'm only six months old and already have a story to tell. Like any 6-month-old pup, I was busy playing and running around when I suddenly got hit by a vehicle. The good news was it was just my tail that was run over. The bad


Blackie update

My name is Blackie, I am a certified good boy. My foster mom has a certificate she made for proof. I've been with SCARS for quite a while as when I came in I had a severe infection in my spine that was so bad that I was

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WE DID IT!!! We met the hardest dog in the world to catch & we caught her!! Check out Elusa on CTV News on May 28, 2020! This poor smidge of a pup was abandoned on a roadside. We strongly believe she was abandoned as she was literally


Sadie (RIP)

May 8, 2020 was a tough day for our SCARS family. We brought three new dogs that came into care and one beautiful cat. We were told upon transfer that the cat was not eating well and drooling. We were unable to get her to a vet out

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New intakes

April 22, 2020. The things that don’t change during a pandemic is the amount of animals that still need help. We want to thank all of our vets who we know are struggling to keep up with requests! They are all on limited staff and helping these furry

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