Rescue stories


New intake, Everest, started to vomit early Christmas morning. She had worms in her vomit and was not eating. Her foster home kept a close eye on her all morning, but she was not getting better. By the time all their presents had been opened, they knew she needed


Starving pup needed our help

December 23, 2020 We picked up this sweet thing after receiving a call about a starving pup. Skinny but bathed now and doing well. We took this little pup straight to vet because we were worried about parvo but so far this puppy is doing well!

Starving pup needed our help2020-12-27T21:05:31-07:00

Some of our December intakes

December 5, 2020 - We received some new intakes today! These animals are NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION but we will be sure to post when they are!      December 7th... New SCARS kitties have joined our family. Scared, semi-feral but we are confident that with giving them

Some of our December intakes2020-12-27T20:59:21-07:00


December 10, 2020 Hello everybody, my name is Posie! I am a pretty playful pup, but it hasn't always been that way. SCARS rescued me from one of our partner communities. When they found me, I was very sick with Parvo and was immediately rushed to the Lloydminster vet



Warning* Graphic Images. We often get calls for animals in need. But it was Saturday at 7 pm when most people were tucked in for the night that a SCARS volunteer was on standby for a new intake. We didn't know had caused the lump on his side, but


Bubba and Forest

Meet Bubba and Forest! December 1, 2020 - These two puppies came into our care in early December. We were told they had a recent injury but the scabs on their necks were old and dry so the injuries must have been there for a while. There were no

Bubba and Forest2020-12-21T10:03:16-07:00

Sandy and Solo

4 weeks of warmth. 4 weeks of love. 4 weeks of being safe. We rescued Solo and Sandy from one of our partner communities in early November 2020. A lovely man was able to direct us to the spot where a new mom had given birth, she was thankfully

Sandy and Solo2020-12-20T15:10:33-07:00

New girl

Dec. 14, 2020 Meet this new addition who’s safe in the hands at SCARS. This girl is full of infection. We raced her to the vet and she’s currently recovering. Keep an eye on the website for more details on her! She is not accepting applications at this time!

New girl2020-12-20T14:35:26-07:00


Hi, I am Ziana. On December 13th, I won the lottery of my life. I became a SCARS dog! It was a long day with hours of driving, but I made it from northern Alberta to the safety of my new foster home. As you can see, my rescue



Animal lovers, we want to introduce you to a fighter... This is Stony! Stony was named after the town where he was found. The name suits him due to his resilience and determination. He was found in a ditch by a local peace officer on September 19, and

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