Rescue stories

Lady’s story

Lady is like many dogs in her community. She had a place that she considered to be home and people who would say “Yes, that’s my dog.” Yet there was really no one who took actual responsibility for her. No one made sure that she was fed, sheltered, safe


Get your tissues ready. Daisy’s story is a heartbreaker. I have had a wonderful life. For 11 years I had a family that cared for me, provided me with everything I could need. In the last little while my world has crumbled down around me. One of my loving

Keena and Zada

New intakes break our hearts. New intakes fill our hearts. We often don’t know the details of their story, but their condition and the look in their eyes tells use all we need to know. Foster volunteers welcome them into their homes. They are finally safe. For many, for

Ashton had Demodectic Mange

My name is Ashton. The folks at SCARS are wondering how I survived the past winter. I’m suffering from a condition that left me with very little protection from the cold. As you can see, I have bald spots and lots of sores. I ended up a northern pound

Banjo was hit by a vehicle

Sweet little Banjo. He is a guy with a lot of personality and a will to survive. SCARS visits rural communities to collect owned pets for transport for spay/neuter, and after a period of recovery return to their homes. During a recent visit, we


Feb. 2017 update: Sanctuary dog Maliha has been a part of the SCARS family since August of 2010. Maliha’s medical problems were extensive and she has required special care from the time of her arrival. Her damaged face prevents her from eating the way dogs usually do so she