Rescue stories

Sadie (RIP)

May 8, 2020 was a tough day for our SCARS family. We brought three new dogs that came into care and one beautiful cat. We were told upon transfer that the cat was not eating well and drooling. We were unable to get her to a vet out

Sadie (RIP)2020-05-09T13:53:55-06:00

New intakes

April 22, 2020. The things that don’t change during a pandemic is the amount of animals that still need help. We want to thank all of our vets who we know are struggling to keep up with requests! They are all on limited staff and helping these furry

New intakes2020-04-25T12:29:47-06:00

70 Cats Needed Help

When this pandemic started in March, we got a message from a lady who asked for help for her mother. She explained that she has a few dozen cats that need assistance. We went out to see what was going on and there was nearly 70 cats on

70 Cats Needed Help2020-05-09T14:55:36-06:00

15 Animals Rescued

15 Animals brought in today! Huge thanks to the SCARS Foster Homes, a big thanks to our driver who was in the car for nearly 6 hours and a big thank you to all of our supporters who make this all possible for us. None of these animals

15 Animals Rescued2020-04-19T12:15:15-06:00

Vegas needed urgent help

Do you guys remember way back when I was found full of quills, emaciated and in severe pain? If I showed you before and after pictures would you be able to recognize me? I am alive, happy and healthy thanks to Westlock Veterinary Center, SCARS and everyone of

Vegas needed urgent help2020-04-25T13:49:32-06:00


We couldn’t say no to “Easter”.This sweet Shepherd cross has been in pain for some time. What appears to be an older injury that caused a fracture in his leg, has turned into a severe bone infection. He is being transported today to our friends at Westlock Veterinary


Sanctuary Animal Skype (RIP)

From Skype’s foster mom (SCARS President, Sylvia Christiansen): Hello, I am very sad to let you know, Skype, one of the SCARS' sanctuary animals, has passed away from cancer. Several months ago we had removed her spleen which had a large tumor on it. I had hoped that

Sanctuary Animal Skype (RIP)2020-04-01T08:17:01-06:00


When the world seems to be coming to a screaming halt, one thing that doesn’t, is animal rescue. SCARS got the call about a cat that was in a desperate situation. It was evident quite quickly that he needed help, and fast. We could tell by just a


Tiny Martha was all alone

Think of a winters day... a road... a very young, lone puppy... on the side of the road... Then ME! Martha! Thankfully I was taken into SCARS so the story ends well. I ask for nothing but your company and to life your spirits with my really cute

Tiny Martha was all alone2020-02-29T10:23:00-06:00