Rescue stories

Muskwa suffered severe frostbite

Feb. 16/17: Muskwa’s Rescue Story (warning: details and photos are graphic). SCARS received a call about a dog that showed up at a rural home in terrible pain and misery. Our volunteer arrived to see a dog desperately rubbing his head along the ground. He would stop and shake

Indio was hit by a car

HBC … Three little letters on my medical report. Huge consequences. They stand for “Hit By Car.” I was picked up by an Alberta SPCA peace officer and taken to the Lac Ste Anne Vet where I was stabilized, given fluids, food and pain management. Due to my injury

Trex was abandoned and starving

Shortly before Christmas 2016, and the first day the temperature dropped into a typical freezing Northern Alberta winter, SCARS received a call about an abandoned ‘mean’ dog chained to a door step. The picture enclosed in the text asking for help made our volunteers scramble. Knowing the dog would

Roxy has severe hip dysplasia

My name is Roxy and, although I am not your typical rescue, my story is one worth sharing. As you can tell from my picture, I am a purebred German Shepherd. I was purchased as a puppy from a backyard breeder. Early in my young life, it became apparent

Cashmere and Sugar Plum

These two pups represent a sad, but very typical winter rescue scenario. They were cold, hungry, alone and frightened when they were found in a rural community and transferred to our care. but it didn’t take long for them to feel safe and happy again. One of our greatest

Angel’s owner abandoned her

April 2017 – Angel came into our care last December. She was an abandoned dog with an inoperable fracture to her T3 vertebra. It has been a slow, uphill battle but her unbreakable spirit along with the loving care of her vet team and foster home has resulted in

Si has liver shunts

Dec. 17/16 – I’m just a young guy about one and a half years old. I’m missing an eye that had been removed before I came to SCARS. Since I can’t tell them the story, what happened there remains a secret. When my rescuer picked me up she thought I had