April 20, 2022 update… Hello my friends, it’s me Kevin! My Cellulitis has completely healed up! I will probably always have a scar on the top of my head but my foster mum says it gives me character and a good story! My foster mom still calls me “Kevin the destroyer” as my teeth are still coming in and I like to chew but I am getting better. As you can see I love to explore and go for walks with my brother and sister, I also like going for car rides — I mostly sleep but its still fun! I still have lots to learn, but that’s okay because my foster family has decided that they love me sooooo much that they have decided to keep me!!! Yup it’s now OFFICIAL!!! I have found my furever home with my foster family!! #FOSTERWIN

February 2022… SCARS’ biggest expense is veterinary care. We average $77,038/month to care for all the sick and injured animals that come in. With your incredible donations, it helps us save more animals like Kevin. Kevin arrived at his foster home on February 10, 2022! He’s energetic, playful and loves to chase everything! His cellulitis is currently being treated for! He is not yet available for adoption at this time while he becomes big & strong! To continue to care for all the animals like Kevin, go to www.scarscare.ca/donate.