🐾🐾Kitten season comes every spring. Our committed team of foster homes brace themselves for it. They are experienced, prepared and deeply caring.🐾🐾 This year it feels like kitten season just might break us. 🥺  The need is higher than we have ever seen. The calls and requests for help are more than our cat program could ever hope to keep up with. Our foster homes are working around the clock to give these babies a chance.
Meet Peluchi. She was dumped at a rural property. The home owner recognized that Peluchi was pregnant and about to give birth, SCARS was asked to help. We brought her into care and our foster mom knew this girl was in distress. Our vet care team performed an emergency c-section to try and save the life of mom and kittens. All survived the surgery. We had hoped another nursing mama kitty would take on the kittens, but so far that has been unsuccessful.
At this time, our dedicated foster home is bottle feeding these babies to give them their chance. It is an around the clock job. We remain hopeful if we can keep them nourished and healthy, one of our other mom cats may adopt them. Peluchi is fighting an infection and needing to recover from surgery. She is also receiving great care. We will keep you updated!