May 6, 2022. Hello! Do you remember me? The name’s WILLIAM! Thank you SCARS followers, donators and all the volunteers who’ve made my journey what it is. I’ve been in care over a month now and my weight has doubled! I did rest a lot in warm places like where the sun shined and my foster mom’s lap. Slowly I felt better and began to play, go for walks and be a little mischievous! Good news — tomorrow I’m going to my forever home! I will have a SCARS sister who’s an older girl & I really enjoy her! Foster mom, is that a tear in your eye? It’s OK!! 🥰 Its been wonderful and you know I’m off to a new begining, again loved and feeling safe….” This is why fostering is so wonderful, beautiful, emotional and amazing! 😍 Come join us this weekend for an orientation, we really need some more foster homes!

April 13 William PUPDATE: (from his foster home)… He is looking really good right now and has gained a bit of weight! We have a weigh in at the vet tomorrow!!

He loves snuggles with me and warmth. He curls up next to our resident dog & we are loving every second of it! He’s a really good little guy.” Thanks for all the donations, support and comments. We are so thankful that we have this lovely story of William to tell! *not yet available for adoption*

April 6 update on William! 🐶 ❤️ Hi everyone! I wanted to give a short update on how I am feeling. With all the love and kindness that has come my way it’s helping to lift my spirits. I am slowly starting to feeling more like a puppy. The humans have put me on a feeding schedule of special food to help me gain weight. That’s not all! I even have a foster sister to keep me company!

April 2, William update! I am out of the vet clinic and into my foster home. I’m still not 100%, I’m on a strict diet because I was so malnourished. I’m still figuring out this attention thing but baby steps. Each day is better. Thank you for all of the support. My foster mom tells me all the good vibes I got, and for that – thank you! XOX – William
March 31, 2022… We will take it!!! Some good news today. William is feeling better today.
👍 Chest has not filled with fluid again.
👍 Starved body is getting nourishment.
👍 Abscess being treated.
👍 Severely dehydrated body getting fluids with antibiotics.
👍 Additional tests being done to ensure we know what’s going on.
👍👍👍 Vet, staff and SCARS supporters are making it possible for him to have the chance he never got.
😞William update😞 This young pup just can’t catch a break. He is now at Guardian Emergency Veterinary clinic after being transferred from Lloydminister Animal Hospital. We think he also suffered some other trauma, on top of his already extremely poor condition, which has caused fluid in his lungs and abdomen. 😞😞
Please keep him in your thoughts.
William came into care as an emergency case.